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peuterey online sconti in love for 11 years

发表于 2015-7-6 03:06:59 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
"Sooner or later faded passion of love, only we always hand travel." Renren, a pair of loving couple love to travel thousands of miles and left Zhang became the focus of attention of netizens. After finishing a set of photographs recording the moments they are 10 years of backpacking around the world, 36 "Picture Diary" by friends competing forwarded. Lens Things heroine left happy, smiling face, two people holding each other's hand, traveled around the world together, inspire envy.
"I want to want anything else, hold your hand" & nbsp; in love for 11 years, traveled to 23 countries
And their envy,tom ford occhiali da sole, "hold your hand, and cried," the fairy tale, not as a double dip Zhang Trinidad and left, "travels the world" footprint. In this group called "11 years of love note" of the picture, the original scattered debris was determined to arrange travel.
Zhang miles and left picture story began in 2002, wearing a winter hat wearing two cotton-facing camera shy at Shitang town hugged. The hand travel story begins. In the same year in Chongming not shoot pictures of the front, wearing a cotton dress only to the imagination of the left hand a graceful silhouette. Shaoxing, Shengsi, Guizhou, two radii away longer, Nepal in 2004 is the first step of the two men out of the country,cappelli new york, facing the camera, Zhang thousands of miles still ineffectively Pakistan subtle smile, while the left has always maintained a flag nature grin.
By 2006, both of them have traveled to the Czech Republic, France and Spain. 2007 Bali and Tibet,louboutin chaussures, Thailand and Germany in 2008, Everywhere, Zhang left will put thousands of miles and exotic costumes unique pictures of the occasion. Germany cold winter streets,peuterey donna, half-Cuban cents bistro, Turkey saffron city, the sunset smoke curl; Banff National Park in Canada, between heaven and earth their two hands always clasped. Careful users do a lot of statistics, just drying out the photo, the two countries went as high as 23. "I want to want anything else, your hand must look older, until they die.." For this group of people envy the picture travel diary, leaving a minority of users can only envy and wonder: this life so, foot carry on.
&#160,cappelli jordan;
"And you take photographs, I am responsible laugh,doudoune moncler femme," to have a world to accompany you go
Surprising story is not over, the two finally a group photo at once so that the group of pictures become more meaningful. And compared to the previous picture, the last picture either composition or pictures are not too professional to speak, the boy still ineffectively photo smiling at the camera, then hold the baby girls and boys sit opposite. Not difficult to see, Zhang thousands of miles and a child is left in a pair of children Liangxiaowucai. "I saw childhood," a netizen in emotion after watching the pictures.
"The best story than you take photographs, I am responsible laugh." This group of pictures uploaded network, users are eager to express forwarding "envy, jealousy and hatred", "read the last one,mickael jordan, really envy + within the cattle." User "pull CHE" very straightforward to express his feelings. "Butterfly demon" preserved every picture,peuterey outlet, "I guess, the author photos posted just want to share with us for a better life and hope for it." Bound down, laid-back trip,ceinture chrome hearts, photos just point the most netizens longing but also the most fragile heart,giubbotti woolrich, and "Lang riding bamboo horse to get around the bed Ome," the story is being talked about a lot of friends. "Let there be a stay away of heart,woolrich uomo, but also a can accompany you all over the world people." Netizens "Yu Hui" summarizes very pertinent: the simple life must have been more happy.
"Faded passion, we always hand travel" They will eventually become a trio of travel
"Sooner or later faded passion of love, only we always hand travel." Correspondent contacted the "11 years of love in mind," the actress left hand on her Weibo,swarovski occhiali da sole, the reporter saw the Declaration life so full of meaning of a sentence. The left hand is a freelance writer, she told reporters, as friends from the picture story read, she and Zhang miles childhood story really starts from childhood. "I was five years old when he was 7 years old beginning to understand,asics gel lyte v ebay, began dating in 2001, 2004 married 27 years should be considered childhood understanding of it." Both father also grew up with friends, unwritten "child marriages" Origin of this forged.
"I've always liked to travel, so after together, it would be going on a trip, I suppose I think of it." Talked about the idea of travel, from the left to admit that their favorite has always been. "Domestic travel route is generally thought to go up while abroad, then I'll do a long line planned in advance, and then wait for the arrival of cheap flights."
&#160,giuseppe zanotti 2015;
Mr. Zhang left Trinidad was a professional photographer, who won the Olympic gold medal in photography. Netizens widely forwarded high-quality pictures mostly Zhang Trinidad's finest creations. "They then basically relying photo tripod + passers + friends to shoot." 28 years old, left from the love life became a literary small fresh Mummy upgraded. Because the child is too small, put handed over to the parents when the two go on a trip with children task. "Every trip is a honeymoon,occhiali da sole, one day, the three of us will travel." In an interview with a media reporter, Mr. Zhang left thousands of miles so to express their wishes.
"We can increase the thickness of Life" from whatever place
He gets the hand of love trips together, to those who only see on TV, magazines scene deeply engraved in his mind, to become the exclusive memory. Zhang left the story of thousands of miles and touched countless friends,giuseppe zanotti talons hauts, and left on their own microblogging sorted out the picture has been forwarded more than 50,000 times. Story poor tour encountered during their lives have become the most shining memories. "In Cuba,louboutin soldes, when, because of the language barrier, we can only hold an Ipad to communicate." See a guesthouse sign and knocked on the B & B numbers,louboutin prix, and then holding on Ipad translated sentences and homeowners communication. This experience was very emotional record left in his blog. Trinidad and Zhang will own travel photography tips compiled and published, to more users pass the love life of travel ideas. It also carried out around the world inductive generalization: Southeast Asia is the kingdom of God, as our spiritual homeland in the lotus bloom breath; in the West is a land flowing milk and honey; and Europe itself is a fairy tale.
"I belong to such a donkey, a little money, but want to be able to achieve a balance in comfort and frugality." Thus left to express their attitude to the trip. Just before reporters to contact her,peuterey outlet, Zhang traveled thousands of miles to return home from Europe and left soon. "Many people are in a situation not know how to walk, how many are willing to pay the price to go, the" left hand expressed his attitude to the trip, "We can not change the length of life, but you can increase the thickness of life from whatever The vicinity of view, is the best place to start. "
&#160,sac à main longchamp;
& Nbsp;
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